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20 August 2007 @ 12:36 am
Mod Post: Intro and Rules  
Each Disney Princess found her "Happy Ever After" and is now happily living out her dream in a castle with a loving husband. Through various means, each woman finds an old leather bound journal that's surprisingly, empty. They study it for a moment and decide to use it as a diary of sorts. Now, as they fill the pages with their thoughts and feelings, something new begins for them. Of course...not only do they see their thoughts and feelings...but they also begin to see those of others. What could this all mean? A new adventure....or something more?

Meanwhile however, other disney characters also begin to find that same book and have the same experiences...could it be a sign of something to come?

1. A be nice clause is the most important rule. Remain polite and respectful to all players and mods in the RP. We can't all love each other to bits and pieces, but no one's feelings should be hurt because of useless drama. This isn't high-school, people, this is the internet. Failure to comply will result in your mods crying (and probably something stricter--we haven't thought of it yet).

2. Please remember to stay in character. Although this is a RP and not every character is going to behave exactly as he or she does in the animated films, but you won't see Belle suddenly join the football team and give up books, nor will Snow White go all 'Mean Girls' on us.

3. This is a RP, and as with most; problems will arise. As the mods, we must ask you to follow a form of ettique when dealing with other players and conflicts. If you have an issue with a fellow mun, please, contact them first and try to work it out (calmly! don't attack them!). Talking behind each other's backs about it is no fun and makes all of the parties involved uncomfortable. If the problem persists, then you may contact one of the mods and we will handle it from there.

4. As you may have guessed, we're not fond of drama, so don't start it. If you have a problem with the way a character is being played, please don't make an issue out of it. If it is serious, naturally one of the mods will step in.

5. Post at least once a week. We have a strike system and will put it into practice.

How the Strike System Works

Strike One - If you do not make a post one week, you will have a three day grace period to explain to us what's up. If you do no comply; you will receive an e-mail from us and a strike.

Strike Two - If there is no response/activity after two weeks, another e-mail will be sent to your inbox and another strike.

Third and Final Strike - If you do not contact us after the second e-mail (it should be around twenty-four days --- three weeks plus the three day grace period) of inactivity at this point), we're sorry to say you'll be asked to leave the RP.

In short you have twenty-four days to let us know what is up with any absences. Take advantage of it.

6. This is an all ages RP. Inappropriate content, such as sex, heavy violence, drug or alcohol use and cursing is considered unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

7. There is a one character per person limit at the moment. This is subject to change, but as of now (O8-09-07), it will not.

8. Have fun! RPs are meant to be a fun, carefree environment.
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